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Live Streaming!

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Countryside Community Church is open for in-person worship. We realize that some are unable to join us in person at this time, and we offer a Livestream of our service each week at 10am. Our desire is to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do, regardless of our physical surroundings. We look forward to worshiping with you if you are able to join us! From Pastor Brian Johnsen

Parking & Entrance:

..Please park in front, in back, and along School St and Main St as before.  Be considerate of others if you arrive at the same time, to allow space for others to be out of your 6ft space before you walk towards church.

.. To minimize access points per Guidelines, please use the ramp (back parking lot) or front door entrances for church – School St entrance is CLOSED. 

..To be respectful of others, please use 6ft social distancing (indicated with tape marks) as you approach doorways, stairs, and hallways.

..To manage the extra time it takes to seat people, please plan to arrive 10mins early.

..Please refrain from physical greetings (hugs, handshakes) – waves & airhugs are great!


Where can I sit?

..We are restricted to 40% capacity, which means we can seat a maximum of 72 people in the sanctuary (fits ~60 with spacing).  Household groups should sit together; others should remain 6ft apart.  The sanctuary is partitioned off to identify 6ft distanced seating. 

..Guidelines recommend 1-way traffic patterns inside, so as you stand at the back of the sanctuary facing the stage, the right-hand (sound board) aisle will flow people towards the front of the room, and the left-hand (piano) aisle will flow people to the back. 

..In order to minimize passing other worshipers already seated, please move to the furthest seating first (filling the left side of the sanctuary, back to front) and allow the closer seating to be filled last (filling right side, front to back).  Greeters will be available to aid you in seating. 

..Leaving the sanctuary will follow in the same pattern, with people in the back left of the sanctuary leaving first, maintaining the same 1-way flow of foot traffic, leaving out either doorway.  This will minimize people passing each other.


What about kids?

..Guidelines recommend AGAINST nursery and Sunday School at this point in time.  Adult class will happen at 9am in the Fellowship Hall (socially distanced), but no children’s programs.☹  Similarly, there will be no nursery during the worship service.  Parents are WELCOME to have their kids with them during the service in the sanctuary – it does not bother Pastor Brian (even if they get fidgety).  Please plan accordingly and bring quiet activities and non-messy snacks (like our family will do).  To limit potential spread of disease, we will not be providing coloring sheets or crayons for children at this time.  Everyone is growing and adjusting through this, so please don’t feel you can’t come simply because you’re not sure how the children will do.


I gotta go…

..While we recommend planning your bathroom stops at home before or after church, restrooms will still be open and usable.  To maintain clean bathrooms for each individual, we will provide bleach wipes -- as you exit the restroom, please wipe down any surface you have touched.  Only the 1st floor bathrooms are accessible at this time.


What about…?

Offerings – Guidelines suggest not passing collection baskets, but there will be a collection box located on the back wall near the sound board for offerings.  If you like using the gift envelopes some will be there, or you may use one from home (or bring home a stack of them if that’s easier for you for future Sundays. 

Online giving is still available on the website, as well as online bank “Billpay” options, or you may mail your check to the church office; less cash = less for counters to handle.


Communion – To prevent opportunities for infection, pre-packaged communion elements will be available on Communion Sunday (first of each month) on a table in the back of the sanctuary.  Please take enough for your household at the beginning of service and bring to your seat until we celebrate together.


Pews – To provide a cleanlier look for our seating, we have removed our pew cushions entirely, since there was no easy way to demonstrate to our sitting public that every button and fold was cleaned each week.  In addition to recognizing that coronavirus has a limited lifespan on surfaces, all seating areas are sanitized each week to limit the possibility of infection from week to week.  You are welcome to bring your own cushion each week to sit on if that would be more comfortable for you through service. 


Masks – NH guidelines do not require masks.  The CDC recommends mask wearing in gatherings, particularly where a group of people is gathered and stationary (unlike in a grocery store where a population is more transient).  Therefore, we likewise will not require masks to be worn in our worship service, but encourage mask use, particularly when in closer proximity with other parishioners (passing through the aisles).  We recognize that this is a very personal and touchy subject with many people in our nation and community, with studies and papers and opinions across the spectrum.  We would urge you, then, like Paul did to the early church regarding the hotly-debated issues of Jews and Gentiles in worship (Romans, Galatians, Ephesians), or eating meat sacrificed to idols (Romans), to live with your own conscience, and also lovingly be aware of those worshipping around you with a different perspective.  Do not let the wearing of a mask, nor lack of a mask, distract you from worshipping our Creator, who made both you and the virus we are trying to avoid.  Be mindful that this is a perfect opportunity for Satan to cause your mind to judge others – and don’t give in to the temptation. 


Singing – One of the most core elements of worship throughout the history of the church has been using music to worship our God.  Some guidelines suggest that singing can potentially expel more germs, while other comments suggest that wearing a mask while singing can lead to too much carbon dioxide exposure (much like exercising with a mask on).  With our distancing, we welcome your singing, mask on or off. 


Guidelines (and LIFE) can change…please be patient with us as adjustments happen.