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[SND]01-11-2015 Right Knowing, Right Living.mp32015-01-11 16:23 11M 
[SND]1-1-2017 God in our New Year.mp32017-01-01 16:50 13M 
[SND]1-3-2016 Peace in a World Full of Trouble.mp32016-01-03 16:36 10M 
[SND]1-5-2014 Steered by the Savior Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-01-05 16:25 14M 
[SND]1-5-2020 God is Love_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32020-01-05 16:27 8.8M 
[SND]1-6-2019_God Centered Prayer_Elder Don Ducharme.mp32019-01-06 16:22 13M 
[SND]1-8-2017 What Will Drive You In 2017.mp32017-01-08 16:49 13M 
[SND]1-10-2016 Discouragement, Guilt, and Lies.mp32016-01-10 16:28 12M 
[SND]1-12-14 Changed and Changing Col..mp32014-01-12 16:36 15M 
[SND]1-13-13 Christmas According to Luke.mp32013-01-13 16:39 22M 
[SND]1-15-2017 Faith Obedience.mp32017-01-15 16:36 14M 
[SND]1-17-2016 Pride, Hypocrisy, and Judgmentalism.mp32016-01-17 16:24 14M 
[SND]1-18-2015 What Are You Doing.mp32015-01-18 16:26 13M 
[SND]1-19-2014 Sin.mp32014-01-19 16:27 17M 
[SND]1-22-2017 Faithful Sacrifice Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-01-22 16:29 15M 
[SND]1-24-2016 Discipline, Commitment, and Holiness.mp32016-01-24 16:25 11M 
[SND]1-25-2015 Titus 1 Eldres and Their Families.mp32015-02-22 17:40 17M 
[SND]1-26-2014 Getting Dressed Gods Way Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-01-26 16:39 17M 
[SND]1-29-2017 Trusting Gods Power Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-01-29 16:29 15M 
[SND]1-31-2016 Character and Overcoming Old Habits.mp32016-01-31 16:53 16M 
[SND]2-1-2015 Elders and Character.mp32015-02-22 17:44 13M 
[SND]2-2-2014 Getting Along in Gods Family Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-02-09 16:37 16M 
[SND]2-4-2018 Philippians Christ-Seekers Seek Others.mp32018-02-04 16:57 9.5M 
[SND]2-5-2017 Trusting for the First Time_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-02-05 16:49 15M 
[SND]2-7-2016 Establishing Godly Character.mp32016-02-07 16:36 12M 
[SND]2-9-2014 Representing God in Marriage Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-02-09 16:42 18M 
[SND]2-12-2017The Many Sides of Faith _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-02-12 16:39 14M 
[SND]2-14-2016 Overcoming Trouble in Marriage.mp32016-02-14 16:39 15M 
[SND]2-16-2014 Kids and Parents you have A Job to Do Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-02-16 16:46 15M 
[SND]2-19-2017 Perseverance.mp32017-02-19 16:40 14M 
[SND]2-21-2016 Overcoming Trouble With Children.mp32016-02-21 16:45 16M 
[SND]2-22-2015 Elders Communicate Truth Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-02-22 17:48 13M 
[SND]2-26-17 Growing In God's Discipline.mp32017-02-26 17:14 15M 
[SND]2-28-2016 Overcoming Trouble with Money.mp32016-02-28 16:32 14M 
[DIR]2 Thessalonians/2019-10-27 15:25 -  
[SND]3-1-15 Confronting & Correcting.mp32015-03-01 16:48 14M 
[SND]3-2-14 Colossians 4;2-4.mp32014-03-02 17:02 17M 
[SND]3-3-13 Dont Murder- Revere Life- Gods Top Ten.mp32013-03-03 16:31 20M 
[SND]3-4-2018 Half Truths_Roger Langlois.mp32018-03-04 16:16 8.0M 
[SND]3-5-2017 Hebrews 12_12-17 Elswe Roer Langlois.mp32017-03-05 16:05 9.8M 
[SND]3-6-2016 Christ Overcoming Trouble with Others.mp32016-03-06 16:53 15M 
[SND]3-8-2015 Sound Teaching Titus 2.mp32015-03-08 15:41 13M 
[SND]3-9-2014 Be Wise Be Ready Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-03-09 15:55 17M 
[SND]3-12-2017 Eternal Impact_Pator Brian Johnsen.mp32017-03-12 15:45 12M 
[SND]3-13-2016 How do I respond to Jesus The Healer.mp32016-03-13 15:40 15M 
[SND]3-15-2015 Sound Teaching Titus 2 Part 2.mp32015-03-15 15:51 15M 
[SND]3-16-2014Being A Comfort Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-03-16 15:40 10M 
[SND]3-17-13 Dont Misuse Gods Name.mp32013-03-17 15:32 19M 
[SND]3-18-2018 John 1_Importance of Preparation_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-03-18 15:43 12M 
[SND]3-19-2017 House Rules_ Pastor Brisn Johnsen.mp32017-03-19 15:28 16M 
[SND]3-20-2016 Responding to Christ The King.mp32016-03-20 15:31 15M 
[SND]3-22-2015 Titus 2 Always Changing.mp32015-03-22 15:43 12M 
[SND]3-23-14 Completing the Work.mp32014-03-23 15:28 13M 
[SND]3-25-2018 Palm Sunday Anticipation of Celebration _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-03-25 15:35 11M 
[SND]3-26-17 House Rules 2.mp32017-03-26 15:52 14M 
[SND]3-27-2016 How do I respond to Jesus the RISEN SAVIOR.mp32016-03-27 15:33 16M 
[SND]3-29-2015 God's Strangeness_Palm Sunday_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-03-29 15:21 11M 
[SND]3-30-2014 Why Was Jesus Killed Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-03-30 15:41 13M 
[SND]3-31-2019_The Dead Come Alive_Don Ducharme.mp32019-03-31 15:44 13M 
[SND]4-1-2018 Easter- Death Conquered_Now What_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-04-01 15:26 12M 
[SND]4-2-2017 Exclusive Claims of Jesus _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-04-02 16:00 13M 
[SND]4-3-2015 Good Friday.mp32015-04-03 23:42 12M 
[SND]4-3-2016 Intro to Hebrews.mp32016-04-03 15:38 15M 
[SND]4-5-2015 Easter Sunday.mp32015-04-05 15:20 12M 
[SND]4-6-2014 The Way The Truth and The Life_Guest Speaker Porter Spooner.mp32014-04-06 15:30 14M 
[SND]4-7-2013 Pastor Lance Resignation.mp32013-05-16 15:03 118M 
[SND]4-7-2019_Praying for a People_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32019-04-28 15:53 15M 
[SND]4-9-2017 Jesus The Way _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-04-09 15:38 11M 
[SND]4-10-2016 Hebrews One 1-4.mp32016-04-10 15:26 15M 
[SND]4-12-2015 Titus 3 To Be and Not To Be.mp32015-04-12 15:38 11M 
[SND]4-13-2014 Celebrate! Salvation Has Come Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-04-13 15:45 14M 
[SND]4-14-2019_The Power of God - Seeing Beyond Our Limits_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32019-04-28 15:52 12M 
[SND]4-15-2018 Philippians_Not Consumed by Worry_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-04-15 15:51 16M 
[SND]4-17-2016 Better Than Angels.mp32016-04-17 15:35 12M 
[SND]4-20-2014 Choose Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-04-20 15:14 11M 
[SND]4-21-2019 The Power of God _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32019-04-28 15:48 13M 
[SND]4-23-2017 Church Life (Part 1) _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-04-23 15:27 13M 
[SND]4-24-2016 Mindful of Salvation.mp32016-04-24 15:44 11M 
[SND]4-26-2015 Titus 3 Good and Useful.mp32015-04-26 15:34 12M 
[SND]4-28-13 Things That promote the Gospel.mp32013-04-28 15:53 28M 
[SND]4-29-18 Philippians_God Our Provider_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-04-29 15:26 13M 
[SND]4-30-2017 Church Life pt2.mp32017-04-30 15:43 14M 
[SND]5-1-2016 Replacement Theology.mp32016-05-01 15:23 16M 
[SND]5-4-2014 What is Wisdom Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-05-04 15:31 12M 
[SND]5-5-13 Leadership Lesson for Gods Household.mp32013-05-05 15:50 20M 
[SND]5-6-2018 Philippians_Closing Pilippians Opening Life_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-05-06 15:36 11M 
[SND]5-7-2017 The Homestretch Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-05-14 15:41 17M 
[SND]5-8-2016 Fully Man.mp32016-05-08 15:49 13M 
[SND]5-10-2015 How Do I Conrol Worry_ Pastor Brian Johsen.mp32015-05-10 15:58 17M 
[SND]5-11-2014 Danger! Harmful if Followed Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-05-11 15:38 15M 
[SND]5-14-2017 Family Life_ A new series_ Pastor Brisn Johnsen.mp32017-05-14 15:45 12M 
[SND]5-15-2016 Who's More Important.mp32016-05-15 15:47 15M 
[SND]5-17-2015 How Do I Control....mp32015-05-17 15:27 13M 
[SND]5-18-2014 Wisdom Protects Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-05-18 15:22 12M 
[SND]5-19-19 Roger Langlois.mp32019-05-19 15:24 7.9M 
[SND]5-20-2018 _ Guest Speaker _ Nathanael Medina.mp32018-05-20 15:15 14M 
[SND]5-21-2017 Family Life_Creating Family Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-05-21 15:34 11M 
[SND]5-22-2016 Believe.mp32016-05-22 15:45 14M 
[SND]5-24-2015 How Do I Control...My Temper.mp32015-05-24 15:46 15M 
[SND]5-25-14 Finding Favor, Not Forgetting.mp32014-05-25 15:24 12M 
[SND]5-26-13 Family Matters.mp32013-05-26 15:34 19M 
[SND]5-27-2018_A God who Listens and Acts_Psalms_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-05-30 00:09 17M 
[SND]5-28-17 Nick Clark Family Life Community of Support.mp32017-05-28 15:21 14M 
[SND]5-29-2016 Heaven-bound.mp32016-05-29 15:43 14M 
[SND]5-31-2015 How Do I Control My Mouth.mp32015-05-31 15:45 15M 
[SND]6-1-2014 Our Mission to the Congo Guest Preacher Scott Rambo.mp32014-06-01 15:42 14M 
[SND]6-3-2018_Guest Speaker Adam Hussey_ Philippines.mp32018-06-03 15:54 18M 
[SND]6-4-2017 Family Life Passion to Work _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-06-04 15:38 12M 
[SND]6-5-2016 Confident though Christ.mp32016-06-05 15:25 11M 
[SND]6-7-2015 How Do I Control My Money.mp32015-06-07 15:41 13M 
[SND]6-11-2017 Collin_Laurin_Chloe_Megan_Pastor Brian_ Childrens Sunday.mp32017-06-11 15:02 3.8M 
[SND]6-12-2016 Grow Up.mp32016-06-12 15:42 9.7M 
[SND]6-14-2015 How Do I Control My Appetites.mp32015-06-14 15:43 17M 
[SND]6-15-2014 Wisdom = Honor God Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-06-15 15:39 14M 
[SND]6-18-2017 Family Life_Teach a Lesson_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-06-18 14:47 13M 
[SND]6-19-2016 Growing Up Part 2.mp32016-06-19 14:46 14M 
[SND]6-21-2015 Fear Vs. Faith.mp32015-06-21 15:14 9.5M 
[SND]6-22-14 Wisdom Still Worth It.mp32014-06-22 15:46 17M 
[SND]6-25-2017 Family Life Teach A Lesson.mp32017-06-25 14:26 12M 
[SND]6-26-2016 A Promise to Believe In.mp32016-06-26 14:30 13M 
[SND]6-28-2015 How Do I Pray without Ceasing Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-06-28 14:24 11M 
[SND]6-29-2014 Wisdom Rewards Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-06-29 14:39 17M 
[SND]7-1-2012 Frank Accardy, Guest Speaker.mp32012-07-01 15:22 20M 
[SND]7-3-2016 Giving to the King Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-07-03 15:10 16M 
[SND]7-6-2014 Proverbs 5 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-07-06 14:41 18M 
[SND]7-8-2012 Frank Accardy, Guest Speaker.mp32012-07-08 15:21 20M 
[SND]7-10-2016 Giving to the King Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-07-10 14:42 14M 
[SND]7-12-2015 How Do I _ Love my Enemy Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-07-12 14:43 9.8M 
[SND]7-13-2014 Keep Away from Foolish Living-Laziness Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-07-13 14:53 15M 
[SND]7-14-13 Brian Johnsen, Commitment 2.mp32013-07-16 23:07 38M 
[SND]7-15-2012 Nick Clark, Identity.mp32012-07-15 15:22 19M 
[SND]7-15-2018 What Love Looks Like_1 Chorinthians 15_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32018-07-15 14:27 14M 
[SND]7-17-2016 New Is Better Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-07-17 14:43 14M 
[SND]7-19-2015 How Do I_Give to God.mp32015-07-19 14:46 15M 
[SND]7-20-2014 Keep Away from Foolish Living Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-07-20 14:58 15M 
[SND]7-22-2012 Nick Clark, Stewardship.mp32012-07-22 15:25 16M 
[SND]7-23-2017 God in Community_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-07-23 14:25 14M 
[SND]7-24-16 Hebrews- Once For All Pastor Johnsen.mp32016-07-24 14:39 13M 
[SND]7-26-2015 Guest Speaker_Adam Hussey.mp32015-07-26 14:33 16M 
[SND]7-27-2014 Relationship Wreckers ll-7 Sins Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-07-27 14:30 16M 
[SND]7-28-13, Prayer a believers lifeline. Brian Johnsen.mp32013-07-28 14:24 18M 
[SND]7-28-2019 Obadiah_Guest speaker Nick Clark.mp32019-07-28 14:14 15M 
[SND]7-29-2012 Tom Dennison Guest.mp32012-07-29 15:29 22M 
[SND]7-30-2017 Healing in the Context of Community_Guest Speaker _ Nick Clark.mp32017-07-30 14:31 19M 
[SND]7-31-2016 Hebrews_Draw Near_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-07-31 14:33 13M 
[SND]8-2-2015 How Do I_Love my Neighbor.mp32015-08-02 14:36 14M 
[SND]8-3-2014 Relationship Wreckers lll-Adultery Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-08-03 14:52 16M 
[SND]8-4-13 One Another, Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-08-04 14:26 14M 
[SND]8-4-2019_Soul Care_Tony Kurtz.mp32019-08-04 14:30 13M 
[SND]8-6-2017 Jesus Modeling Community.mp32017-08-06 14:35 16M 
[SND]8-7-2016 Draw Near.mp32016-08-07 14:28 11M 
[SND]8-9-2015 Guest Speaker_Tom Dennison.mp32015-08-09 14:46 10M 
[SND]8-10-2014 Interruptions Col 2_6 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-08-10 14:48 16M 
[SND]8-12-2012 Mark Meister.mp32012-08-12 15:24 22M 
[SND]8-13-17 Community A Snapshot.mp32017-08-13 14:35 12M 
[SND]8-14-2016 Fill Up with Gods Glory Missionary Paul Ohlin.mp32016-08-14 14:58 15M 
[SND]8-16-2015 How Do I__Wait on te Lord_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-08-16 14:39 13M 
[SND]8-17-2014 Wisdom in Speech-Hold Your Tongue Pt 1 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-08-17 14:37 17M 
[SND]8-20-2017 Serving in Community_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-08-20 14:26 15M 
[SND]8-23-2015 How Do I_Stand Aginst the Devil Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-08-23 14:26 13M 
[SND]8-24-2014 Wisdom in Speech-Don't Be a Destroyer Pt.2 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-08-24 14:36 15M 
[SND]8-25-13 Christ Like Character.mp32013-08-25 14:21 15M 
[SND]8-27-2017 Live In Love.mp32017-08-27 14:23 7.2M 
[SND]8-28-2016 Marks of A Be;oever - ets Get Together _Pastor Brian Johsen.mp32016-08-28 14:35 13M 
[SND]8-30-2015 How Do I _ Deal with Setbacks Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-08-30 14:34 11M 
[SND]8-31-2014 Wisdom in Speech-Good, Godly Instruction Pt.3 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-08-31 14:50 15M 
[SND]9-3-2017 Its God's Work_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-09-03 14:36 14M 
[SND]9-4-2016 Be a Builder _ Upper Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-09-04 14:40 14M 
[SND]9-6-2015 How Do I _ Work as_unto the Lord_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-09-06 14:38 11M 
[SND]9-7-2014 Wise Families-Parents&Children Prov 23 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-09-07 15:49 16M 
[SND]9-9-2018 Guest Speaker Nick Clarck.mp32018-09-09 15:34 15M 
[SND]9-11-2016 Do Not Mock God _ Roger Langlois.mp32016-09-18 15:33 9.5M 
[SND]9-13-15 Intro To Ruth.mp32015-09-13 15:47 13M 
[SND]9-14-2014 Wise Families-Your Spouse Prov 27 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-09-14 15:34 13M 
[SND]9-16-2012 The Story Act Two.mp32012-09-16 15:56 22M 
[SND]9-18-2016 Persevere_Pastor Brian Johsen.mp32016-09-18 15:37 14M 
[SND]9-20-2015 Ruth Dedication_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-09-20 15:35 13M 
[SND]9-21-2014 Wise With Emotions-Temper Prov 14 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-09-21 15:24 12M 
[SND]9-25-2016 By Faith _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-09-25 15:42 12M 
[SND]9-27-2015 Ruth- Gods Story of Rescue and Redemption.mp32015-09-27 15:40 12M 
[SND]9-28-2014 Wise with Emotions-In Joy&Sadness Prov 15 Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-09-28 15:39 11M 
[SND]9-29-2013_Gods Icon_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-09-29 15:40 17M 
[SND]9-30-12 God Redeeming His People.mp32012-09-30 15:36 21M 
[SND]10-2-2016 Wonderfully Made_ Pstor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-10-02 15:51 12M 
[SND]10-4-2015 Ruth 2.mp32015-10-04 15:55 12M 
[SND]10-5-14 Pride Wise with Emotions.mp32014-10-05 15:35 11M 
[SND]10-6-2013_Saved & Steadfast_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-10-06 15:34 13M 
[SND]10-7-12 The Story, Kings Rejection.mp32012-10-07 15:43 14M 
[SND]10-9-2016 Abel_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-10-09 15:34 15M 
[SND]10-11-2015 Ruth 2 Character Displayed Pastor brian Johnsen.mp32015-10-11 15:51 13M 
[SND]10-12-2014 Wise with Leadership.mp32014-10-12 15:46 15M 
[SND]10-13-2013_Need-to-Know Basis_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-10-13 15:53 19M 
[SND]10-14-2012 The Story, The Kings Vindication.mp32012-10-14 15:32 14M 
[SND]10-16-2016 Enoch - Faith Rewarded_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-10-16 15:35 14M 
[SND]10-18-2015 Ruth 2 Favor and Blessing.mp32015-10-18 15:33 13M 
[SND]10-19-14 Following the Leader.mp32014-10-19 15:50 15M 
[SND]10-20-2013_Squashing Hypocrisy_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-10-20 15:41 18M 
[SND]10-23-2016 Noah_Faith that Builds_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-10-23 15:43 15M 
[SND]10-25-2015 Ruth 3 Integrity.mp32015-10-25 15:42 15M 
[SND]10-26-2014 Wise In Work Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-10-26 15:39 17M 
[SND]10-27-2013 Ritual or Relationship, Brian Johnsen.mp32013-10-27 15:33 16M 
[SND]10-30-2016 Abraham_ Moving Faith Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-10-30 15:54 16M 
[SND]11-1-2015 Ruth 3 Trust.mp32015-11-01 16:45 13M 
[SND]11-3-2013 Head in the Clouds Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-11-03 16:44 15M 
[SND]11-3-2019_The Lord Is Faithfull_Pastor Brian Johnson.mp32019-11-03 17:05 18M 
[SND]11-6-2016 Impossible Faith_Pastor Brisn Johnsen.mp32016-11-06 16:48 17M 
[SND]11-8-2015 Ruth 4 _Taking Action_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-11-08 16:34 12M 
[SND]11-9-2014 Wise With Money.mp32014-11-09 16:23 13M 
[SND]11-10-2013 Orphan Sunday Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-11-10 16:39 17M 
[SND]11-10-2019_Work Matters to God_Don Ducharme.mp32019-11-10 16:06 10M 
[SND]11-13-2016 Open-Handed Faith_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-11-13 17:05 14M 
[SND]11-15-2015, Ruth, Rescue and Redemption.mp32015-11-15 16:54 13M 
[SND]11-16-2014 Wise in Community.mp32014-11-16 16:36 12M 
[SND]11-17-2013_Thankful Hearts_Thankful Lives_pt1 Pastor Brian Jonsen.mp32013-11-17 16:48 19M 
[SND]11-17-2019_Grace and Peace_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32019-11-17 16:39 13M 
[SND]11-18-12 The Journey.mp32012-11-18 16:46 16M 
[SND]11-19-2017 Philippians_Live A Life Worthy_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-11-19 16:38 13M 
[SND]11-20-2016 Isaac & Jacob or Thanksgiving_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32016-11-20 16:35 12M 
[SND]11-21-18_Thanksgiving_Pastor Bill Stockhaus.mp32018-11-22 01:14 8.1M 
[SND]11-22-2015 Ruth Wrap Up.mp32015-11-22 16:42 12M 
[SND]11-23-16 Thanksgiving Giving.mp32016-11-24 01:37 13M 
[SND]11-23-2014 Wise in Community Part 2.mp32014-11-23 16:50 15M 
[SND]11-24-13 Thankful Hearts Thankful Living.mp32013-11-24 16:54 13M 
[SND]11-24-2019_Thanksgiving_Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32019-11-24 16:10 13M 
[SND]11-25-18_Jesues The Only_Don Ducharme.mp32018-11-25 16:29 13M 
[SND]11-26-2017 Greatful for Grace_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-11-26 16:25 12M 
[SND]11-27-13 Pastor Bill Stockhaus Giving Thanks.mp32013-11-28 00:57 8.8M 
[SND]11-27-2016 Christmas is Forgiveness_Pt 1 _ Pastor Brisn Jonhsen.mp32016-11-27 16:38 16M 
[SND]11-29-2015 Expecting A Messiah_ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-11-29 16:17 11M 
[SND]11-30-2014 1st Sunday of Advent.mp32014-11-30 16:11 9.4M 
[SND]12-1-2013 The Power of the Promise of God Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-12-01 16:56 19M 
[SND]12-3-2017 Advent 1 Surprising Patience _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-12-03 16:32 12M 
[SND]12-4-2016 Chrisrmas is Forgiveness_Pt2_Pastor Brisn Johnsen.mp32016-12-04 16:34 13M 
[SND]12-6-2015 Our Need For A Messiah.mp32015-12-06 16:29 7.2M 
[SND]12-7-2014 2nd Sunday of Advent Luke 1.mp32014-12-07 16:30 14M 
[SND]12-8-2013 A Suprising Contrast Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-12-08 16:41 15M 
[SND]12-9-2012 Christmas- Dr. Luke.mp32012-12-09 16:40 19M 
[SND]12-10-2017 Suprising Faith & Faithfulness.mp32017-12-10 16:46 14M 
[SND]12-11-2016 Christmas Is Forgiveness Pt3.mp32016-12-11 16:36 13M 
[SND]12-13-2015 The Character of the Messiah.mp32015-12-13 16:16 8.9M 
[SND]12-14-2014 3 rd Sunday of Advent Luke 1 The Righteous Mom Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32014-12-14 16:22 12M 
[SND]12-15-2019_Celebration_Pastor Brian Johnson.mp32019-12-15 15:57 8.9M 
[SND]12-16-2015 The Re_Comming of the Messiah Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32015-12-20 16:20 8.1M 
[SND]12-18-2016 Christmas Is Forgiveness Pt. 4.mp32016-12-18 16:23 11M 
[SND]12-21-2014 4th Sunday of Advent Matthew 1 and 2.mp32014-12-21 16:14 10M 
[SND]12-22-2013 The Furniture of the First Christmas Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-12-22 16:25 11M 
[SND]12-24-2014 Christmas Eve.mp32014-12-25 00:28 8.7M 
[SND]12-24-2015 Messiah Has Come!.mp32015-12-25 00:08 4.5M 
[SND]12-24-2016 Foregiveness offered for all of Us.mp32016-12-25 00:12 7.8M 
[SND]12-24-2017 A Christmas Suprise _ Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32017-12-24 16:26 15M 
[SND]12-24-2017 Christmas Eve Sermon.mp32017-12-25 00:17 7.5M 
[SND]12-27-2015 God's Faithfulness.mp32015-12-27 16:33 8.9M 
[SND]12-28-2014 Psalm 138.mp32014-12-28 16:17 12M 
[SND]12-29-2013 Pressing On Pastor Brian Johnsen.mp32013-12-29 16:28 13M 
[SND]12-29-2019 Sermon by Elder Don Ducharm.mp32019-12-29 16:08 12M 
[SND]12-30-2018_Gods Wrath and the Gift of Love_Don Ducharme.mp32018-12-30 16:03 11M 
[SND]12-31-2017 Faith In Action _ Guest speaker Natanael Medina.mp32017-12-31 16:21 12M 
[SND]2014_4_27 CCC baptism.mp32014-05-11 12:19 33M 
[SND]A Portrait of a Godly Leader 6-17-2012.mp32012-06-17 15:48 23M 
[SND]A Profile of A Heretic 9-27-2009.mp32009-09-27 16:31 18M 
[SND]Able, Faithful, Willing, Done! 1-16-2011.mp32011-01-16 17:21 17M 
[DIR]Advent/2018-12-25 00:28 -  
[DIR]Advent 2019/2019-12-25 00:17 -  
[SND]Are there limits to your compassion 5-8-2011.mp32011-05-08 16:34 37M 
[SND]Back to the Story 4-15-2012.mp32012-04-15 15:37 21M 
[SND]Being A Good Servant of Christ 5-19-2013.mp32013-05-19 15:49 23M 
[SND]Being Ready and Responding 1-24-2010.mp32010-01-24 17:14 16M 
[SND]Brian Johnsen commitment 3 7-21-2013.mp32013-07-21 14:18 14M 
[SND]Challenges and Opportunities 2-13-2011.mp32011-02-13 17:21 22M 
[SND]Changing Our Attitudes - Mark Meister 8-1-2010.mp32010-08-01 14:49 12M 
[SND]Choosing the Better Treasure 3-28-2010.mp32010-03-28 16:18 16M 
[SND]Christmas According to Luke 12-16-2012.mp32012-12-16 16:32 18M 
[SND]Christmas Eve 2009.mp32009-12-25 01:02 9.8M 
[SND]Christmas according to Dr Luke 12-23-2012.mp32012-12-23 16:37 20M 
[SND]Colossians_ 9-22-2013.mp32013-09-22 15:27 13M 
[DIR]Contentment/2019-06-16 14:37 -  
[SND]Deacons Porrrait of a Servant 5-12-2013.mp32013-05-12 15:38 17M 
[SND]Defining Countryside-2--3-27-2011.mp32011-03-27 16:11 18M 
[SND]Defining Countryside 3-20-11.mp32011-03-20 16:17 19M 
[SND]Diagnosing & Dispelling Discouragement 10-10-2010.mp32010-10-10 16:33 21M 
[DIR]Don't Waste Your Life/2012-03-11 19:53 -  
[SND]Earth's Groaning 3-13-2011.mp32011-03-13 16:26 18M 
[SND]Elder Mark Meister Isaiah 40_ 8-5-2012.mp32012-08-05 15:09 11M 
[SND]Figures of the Church 4-11-2010.mp32010-04-11 16:17 21M 
[SND]Fixing our Eyes on Jesus 4-4-2010.mp32010-04-04 16:19 19M 
[SND]For Such A Time As This 6-10-2012.mp32012-06-10 15:39 17M 
[SND]Forgive Us Our Debts 9-18-11.mp32011-09-25 13:35 30M 
[SND]Free Indeed 11-14-10.mp32010-11-14 17:13 20M 
[DIR]God & Money/2018-09-02 14:56 -  
[SND]God's Top Ten - 7 Don't Commit Adultery 2-17-2013.mp32013-02-17 17:04 25M 
[SND]God's top Ten Remember the Sabbaoth 3-10-2013.mp32013-03-10 15:42 21M 
[SND]God and Suffering Clinging to God Amidst Chaos 1-17-2010.mp32010-01-17 17:12 13M 
[DIR]God is Love/2020-02-23 16:38 -  
[SND]Gods Top Ten 1-No Other Gods 3-31-2013.mp32013-03-31 15:25 17M 
[SND]Gods Top Ten 2-No Idols 3-24-2013.mp32013-03-24 15:50 19M 
[SND]Gods Top Ten 8 Dont Steal 2-10-2013.mp32013-02-17 17:54 18M 
[SND]Gods Top Ten Intro 1-20-2013_.mp32013-01-20 16:36 20M 
[SND]Gods Top Ten_Dont Covet 1-27-2013.mp32013-01-27 16:41 18M 
[SND]Gods Top Ten_Dont Misrepresent Truth 2-3-2013.mp32013-02-03 16:37 17M 
[SND]Great Grace for A Great Sinner 4-21-2013.mp32013-04-21 15:33 17M 
[SND]Growing Healthy Churches 3-14-2010.mp32010-03-14 16:28 19M 
[SND]Growing in Grace and Knowledge 9-13-2009.mp32009-09-20 16:12 30M 
[SND]Guest Dave Spencer 8-19-2012.mp32012-08-19 15:11 15M 
[SND]Hope 9-15-13.mp32013-09-15 15:37 15M 
[SND]Hope In Dark Times - Nick Clark - 5-20-2012.mp32012-05-20 15:23 16M 
[SND]How Then Should We Live 10-25-2009.mp32009-10-25 16:33 16M 
[SND]How We Understand the Gospel 2-12-12.mp32012-02-12 16:35 17M 
[SND]Introduction to Colossians 9-8-2013.mp32013-09-08 15:29 16M 
[SND]Jesus' Gethsemane Prayer 9-25-11.mp32011-09-25 15:50 23M 
[SND]Jesus' High Priestly Prayer 10-23-11.mp32011-10-23 16:03 18M 
[SND]Jesus, the King 4-17-11.mp32011-04-17 16:25 16M 
[SND]Jesus In His Own Words1-1-2012.mp32012-01-01 17:20 12M 
[SND]Jesus In His Own Words 11-27-11.mp32011-11-27 17:00 17M 
[SND]Jesus In His Own Words 12-11-2011.mp32011-12-11 16:11 19M 
[SND]Jesus In His Own Words 12-18-2011.mp32011-12-18 16:14 18M 
[DIR]Jonah the Reluctant Prophet/2012-03-11 19:54 -  
[SND]Jonah the Reluctant Prophet 6-12-11.mp32011-06-12 16:22 18M 
[SND]LaFayette Pickney Funeral Service 10-15-2011.mp32011-11-13 16:41 33M 
[SND]Labor of Love 9-1-2013.mp32013-09-01 14:28 16M 
[SND]Leadership Lessons for Gods Household 4-14-2013.mp32013-04-14 15:46 20M 
[DIR]Little Books Big Message/2020-03-08 15:22 -  
[SND]Longing for a Better Country 3-7-2010.mp32010-03-07 17:18 14M 
[SND]Lord Teach Us To Pray 11-6-2011 High Priestly Prayer.mp32011-11-06 17:09 19M 
[SND]Lord Teach Us To Pray pt1 7-3-2011.mp32011-07-03 15:44 16M 
[SND]Lord Teach Us to Pray 9-11-2011.mp32011-09-11 15:46 14M 
[SND]Lord Teach Us to Pray 10-9-2011.mp32011-10-09 15:55 19M 
[SND]Lord Teach us to Pray 7-17-11.mp32011-07-17 15:29 19M 
[SND]Lord Teach us to Pray 7-24-2011.mp32011-07-24 15:33 15M 
[SND]Lord Teach us to Pray 7-31-2011.mp32011-07-31 15:41 18M 
[SND]Lord Teach us to Pray 10-16-11.mp32011-10-23 16:11 17M 
[SND]Lord teach us to pray 7-10-11.mp32011-07-10 15:44 39M 
[SND]Lord teach us to pray 9-4-2011.mp32011-09-04 15:52 14M 
[DIR]Loving and Knowing God/2012-03-11 19:56 -  
[SND]Mark Meister 8-14-11.mp32011-08-14 15:15 14M 
[SND]Mary's Song of Trust Joy 12-13-2009.mp32009-12-13 17:18 20M 
[SND]Message by Sandy Bender 3-21-2010.mp32010-03-21 16:05 12M 
[DIR]Micah/2019-09-29 15:42 -  
[SND]Nick Clark 11-13-2011 Our Path.mp32011-11-13 16:46 17M 
[SND]OT Rewind, The Story 6-24-2012.mp32012-06-24 15:25 11M 
[SND]One More Word on Elders 6-9-2013.mp32013-06-09 16:12 21M 
[SND]Opportunity - Mark Meister 7-25-2010.mp32010-07-25 14:41 11M 
[SND]Our Identity and Purpose 4-3-2011.mp32011-04-03 16:21 17M 
[SND]Our Mission and Vision 4-10-11.mp32011-04-10 16:20 20M 
[SND]Pastor's report - Let's Be The Churdh 10-21-2012.mp32012-10-24 14:37 24M 
[SND]Paul Ohlin Missionary to the Congo 9-12-2010.mp32010-09-12 15:19 16M 
[DIR]Philippians/2018-04-22 15:27 -  
[SND]Post Advent - The Priorty Price of Worship 12-27-2009.mp32009-12-27 17:26 18M 
[DIR]Prayer/2019-04-07 15:38 -  
[DIR]Psalm Series/2018-07-01 14:57 -  
[SND]Raising Moral Kids in a Immoral World - Willie Batson 5-9-2010.mp32010-05-09 16:24 20M 
[SND]Rebuilding the Temple 6-3-2012.mp32012-06-03 15:55 17M 
[SND]Recovering An Awareness of God 1-3-2010.mp32010-01-03 17:25 20M 
[SND]Recovering Lives of Commuity Service 2-7-2010.mp32010-02-07 17:17 12M 
[SND]Recovering the Call to Repentance 1-10-2010.mp32010-01-10 17:26 16M 
[SND]Recovering the Mission of the Church 02-14-2010.mp32010-02-18 23:32 26M 
[SND]Recovering the Priority of the Invisible 1-31-2010.mp32010-01-31 17:25 18M 
[SND]Redeeming the Time - Pastor Frank Accardy 7-18-2010.mp32010-07-18 15:13 17M 
[SND]Repent and Believe - Nick Clark 8-21-2011.mp32011-08-21 15:13 14M 
[SND]Resurrection Celebration 4-8-2012.mp32012-04-08 15:07 8.3M 
[SND]Rev. Frank Accardy 8-7-11.mp32011-08-07 15:27 18M 
[SND]Rosemary Funeral Service 5-12-2012.mp32012-05-12 19:14 25M 
[SND]Seeking First- Light and Fire 10-4-2009.mp32009-10-04 16:29 27M 
[SND]Sinners inThe Hands of an Angry God for modern ears10-31-2010.mp32010-10-31 16:14 18M 
[SND]Sour Grapes, Miester, 5-1-11.mp32011-05-01 16:07 7.9M 
[SND]Stop Striving Die and Start Living 3-6-2011.mp32011-03-06 17:11 8.5M 
[SND]Summer, Sabbath & the Supremacy of Jesus 6-26-11.mp32011-06-26 17:25 13M 
[SND]That You May be Filled 6-2-2013.mp32013-06-02 15:45 14M 
[SND]The Angels Song of Peace and Joy 12-20-2009.mp32009-12-20 17:18 20M 
[SND]The Blessings of The Righteous 1-6-2013.mp32013-01-06 16:30 20M 
[SND]The Conclusion to Titus Pastor Brian Johsen 5-3-2015.mp32015-05-03 15:36 14M 
[SND]The Day Will Come Like A Thief 10-18-2009.mp32009-10-18 16:21 17M 
[SND]The Essence of Faith 02-21-2010.mp32010-02-21 17:38 17M 
[SND]The Five Solas - Sola Fide 11-8-2009.mp32009-11-15 17:24 19M 
[SND]The Five Solas - Sola Gratia 11-1-2009.mp32009-11-01 17:16 15M 
[SND]The Five Solas - Sola Scriptura 11-22-2009.mp32009-11-22 17:23 18M 
[SND]The Five Solas - Soli Deo Gloria 11-29-2009.mp32009-11-29 17:13 20M 
[SND]The Only One Worthy 8-18-2013.mp32013-08-18 14:41 14M 
[SND]The People of God 9-2-2012.mp32012-09-02 15:47 17M 
[SND]The Stone That Topples Empires 5-27-2012.mp32012-05-27 15:22 14M 
[SND]The Story, A Vital Link in God's Plan 1-22-2012.mp32012-01-22 16:09 18M 
[SND]The Story, God Forms A People 1-15-12.mp32012-01-15 16:35 23M 
[SND]The Story, God forms a people 3-4-12.mp32012-03-04 16:26 18M 
[SND]The Story, God forms a people 4-22-2012.mp32012-04-22 16:40 40M 
[SND]The Story, God the jilted lover 5-6-2012.mp32012-05-06 15:50 15M 
[SND]The Story - And Then There Was One 5-13-2012.mp32012-05-13 15:30 15M 
[SND]The Story - New Testament Rewind 11-25-12.mp32012-11-25 16:59 19M 
[SND]The Story 1-29-12.mp32012-01-29 16:15 21M 
[SND]The Story 4-29-2012 God Splits His Nation.mp32012-04-29 15:35 17M 
[SND]The Story Act One- God forms a people 2-19-12.mp32012-02-19 16:30 15M 
[SND]The Story Act One- In the land 2-26-2012.mp32012-02-26 16:14 20M 
[SND]The Story Act One 1-8-2012.mp32012-01-08 16:14 19M 
[SND]The Story Act One_God Forms A People 2-5-2012.mp32012-02-05 16:09 15M 
[SND]The Story Act Two God Redeems His People 9-23-2012.mp32012-09-23 15:35 19M 
[SND]The Story Jesus and Paul 11-4-2012.mp32012-11-04 16:51 21M 
[SND]The Story The Kings Reign Extends 10-28-2012.mp32012-10-28 15:58 46M 
[SND]The Story_ Give Us A King_ 3-18-2012.mp32012-03-18 15:18 19M 
[SND]The Story_Gods Great Nation 3-25-2012.mp32012-03-25 15:14 17M 
[SND]The Story_Rewind_its all about Jesus 4-1-2012.mp32012-04-01 15:05 14M 
[SND]The Story_Your Accepted 3-11-2012.mp32012-04-29 16:13 16M 
[DIR]Thessalonians/2018-11-18 16:33 -  
[SND]Things that Matter 6-23-2013.mp32013-06-23 15:45 19M 
[SND]Titus 3_47 Pastor Brian Johnsen 4-19-2015.mp32015-04-19 15:50 12M 
[SND]Victorious Over What 4-24-11.mp32011-04-24 16:26 25M 
[SND]What to say When you talk to Yourself 6-19-11.mp32011-06-19 16:05 21M 
[SND]Where Is this Coming 10-11-2009.mp32009-10-11 16:23 20M 
[SND]Witnesses of Faith 2-28-2010.mp32010-02-28 17:22 15M 
[SND]Zechariah's Song of Faith 12-6-2009.mp32009-12-06 17:34 19M 
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