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From Pastor Brian Johnsen,


As we receive updates from various sources (schools, towns, employers) on how they will respond with you to our coronavirus situation, it seems only right that you hear from us, the Church, on our response to you, to us as a Body, and to our community.
For each heart individually, please know that we care.  God cares.  If you have fear or concern for yourself or loved ones around the country, please let us know.  We want to pray with you, as well as take practical steps to help alleviate burdens or anxiety for you.  Psalm 100 reminds us to "Know that the Lord is God.  It is He who made us, and we are His.  We are His people, the sheep of His pasture."  
In our relationship with God, knowing that God holds the future and our hearts in His cradled palms, we have no need to fear or worry.  Jesus says that worry doesn't do anything for us, because we cannot even change the color of one hair on our head with worry.  The coronavirus pandemic did not take the God of the universe by surprise.  
Lack of fear or worry does not translate into cavalier foolhardiness either.  We would do well to listen to those who are instructing our communities on appropriate responses, and act accordingly.  This is not only wisdom (Proverbs recommends listening to the counsel of others), but also abiding by the authorities that God has placed over us (Romans 13 & 1 Peter 2), whether or not we always agree with or like their decisions or their political persuasion.
As part of our community, then, let us heed the instructions placed on us to safeguard all those within our community.  This gets a little tricky, because of potentially differing conclusions or changing decisions in the matter of days or hours.  For instance, our Town meeting for this weekend has been cancelled, but the school systems (2 SAUs) of both Henniker and Hopkinton have not cancelled school, which might indicate that our region of NH is not yet in grave danger of community-spread virus.  It can be difficult to know which response is wise action, which might be motivated by some other source (financial, political, unwillingness to want to face future difficulties, and which are simply poorly-informed decisions based on panic.  
With that said, it will not help our community to panic or spread hype.  There is no need to hoard toilet paper (you having 3 months' worth in your garage doesn't help other families, like ours, who just want enough to get through the next 3 weeks).  It does make sense to wash your hands if you've been in the community touching surfaces that have been exposed to others, but you probably don't need to keep your family members 6 feet away from you at all times.
As a Body, I suggest we take a purposeful, proactive response.  The CDC has not limited houses of worship from gathering, nor has our Governor's recent State of Emergency required us to meet in groups of less than 50 people.   As a family with an immune-compromised daughter, Boston Children's Hospital has not yet (as of 6am Saturday morning) given us word that we should isolate her or ourselves from our surrounding community in their regular updates that we've been receiving from them....and she would be among those who are a high risk should she contract the virus.  We do not have to close our doors at CCC this Sunday, and plenty of churches in surrounding regions will still be worshiping together.
As I've reflected today on the numbers of believers in China, Italy, South Korea, and other areas whose lives have been impacted by these past few weeks, I propose that we have "Stay Home Sunday."  The State Epidemiologist has stated that our community is a low risk for spreading the virus by community contact this weekend, so this is not a fear or panic recommendation.  Rather, I propose that we use Sunday morning on purpose, in our own homes, as a way of reflecting on our how many of our brothers and sisters around the world will be spending their Sunday, and indeed how many have been spending their Sundays for the past few weeks.  It is a going-without, not because we have to, but because we willingly choose to, in order to identify with others.  That's what Jesus did for us.  If it's uncomfortable, if it feels lonely, if it feels ridiculous....sit in those feelings, and pray for others who are required to be in that situation.  Worship our Creator God.  Be loved by our Protector and our Shield.  
Other practical steps:  spend part of your Sunday listening to a sermon.  There are plenty of godly pastors online.  
--  www.oneplace.com features a number of godly speakers such as Alistair Begg, John Piper, Chip Ingram, Tony Evans, David Jeremiah, and others.  
-- Our church has sermon archives on our website going back to before I was a pastor here in 2013.  If you've missed a sermon here or there, or want to listen to a whole series on Proverbs or Ruth or Overcoming Life with Jesus, select the sermon tab on our website (countrysidenh.org) and use the drop-down menu to select "All sermons" instead of "Recent Sermons".  
-- If you want to branch out further geographically, two other churches I'm personally familiar with, but not in our area, stream their sermons online:  https://theridgetucson.org/   and   http://stonehillprinceton.org/
By way of congregational care, one pastor suggested the following:  "If we are younger and at a lesser health risk, select a more vulnerable church or community member and offer to be their servant.  Doing their shopping, picking up medications, being an extra set of hands to help them reach for their needs.  If schooling is affected, offer to watch children for families who need to stay employed but may be stretched with childcare burdens.  Communicate by phone and electronically with each other frequently and intentionally, as the necessary isolation for some will take away our opportunities for the healthy relationships we need."  We don't want to be someone who carries a virus to someone of higher risk, but we can help them to limit their exposure to the outside population.
There may be other ways that we can strategically and personally help our congregation and community, and the Elders are open to hearing suggestions.
In all this and over the coming weeks, may our actions and attitudes be motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, who left his throne in heaven to suffer on a cross outside Jerusalem -- for your benefit and mine.
And next week....we'll see what next week brings.

In Christ,
Pastor Brian









Countryside Community Church

delivered 670 boxes to the regional

collection center in Nashua.

Thank you to the community and other churches

for joining together to spread

the Gospel to children around the world.

We are blessed to be a part of this

ministry again this year!














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